Philip Morris - (GDC:46568)

Philip Morris, B.D.S., graduated from London’s prestigious University College Hospital Medical School of Dentistry in 1972. A few years later he set up his Dental Surgery in Waterlooville, and subsequently the Dental Studio in Chichester in the early 1990s. Now no longer the practice owner, Philip can devote all his professional time to Clinical and Surgical Dentistry. In the earlier years, Philip was a Hospital Clinical Assistant in Orthodontics, combining this with General Practice. He also trained colleagues in the safety aspects of dental intravenous sedation and anaesthesia. He has 25 years of experience placing implants and is happy to continue to accept referrals from other Dentists. He has a special interest in bone regeneration techniques, thereby providing width of bone to allow for implants.

“Modern technology and digital products have reached all aspects of our lives. Digital radiology is so amazing and really helps greatly with improved diagnosis. Root canal instruments are now so greatly improved that the profession consistently achieves much better results than 40 years ago.”

Away from the Dental Studio, Philip enjoys the company of his family, friends, tennis and walking his Wire-haired Dachshunds.