Dental Occlusion Treatment

Both Neresh and Usha have travelled the world to attend training and courses in the field of occlusion, their level of expertise in this area is second to none and you can be assured that they have the skill and technology to diagnose and treat your occlusion problems.

The occlusion of teeth is the way in which our teeth and jaw sit together. This aids in the way we eat, speak and smile. If the bite or occlusion is misaligned this can make the face and jaw muscles have to work harder and often lead to bite problems.

Occlusion problems can cause:

  • Chipped, fractured, wobbly and sensitive teeth.
  • Headaches, neck aches, pain behind the eyes and muscle tension.
  • Pain in the jaw joint.

How do you Treat Occlusion Problems?

Orthodontic treatment: If the bite is incorrect and causing problems this can often be corrected by wearing orthodontic braces. Fixed braces will most likely be the chosen treatment as they provide the optimum amount of movement, but this can be discussed and decided during an initial consultation.

Splints: Splints or bite guards are placed over the top or bottom teeth to adjust the occlusion of the bite by relaxing the jaw muscles. Splints also provide protection for the teeth by preventing chips and fractures.

Restorative treatment: Dental crowns can be added to the teeth to correct bite and draw it into correct alignment.

Equilibration: This involves adjusting the biting surface of the teeth to improve function.

Jaw misalignment can often be the result of excessive stress and tooth grinding. If you are suffering with painful headaches, tinnitus, constant jaw pain or neck ache, you may be suffering the effects of jaw misalignment or occlusion problems. If this is the case our team will be happy to provide advice and treatment.

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