Social 6 Lingual Braces

Social 6 Lingual braces are a discreet fixed brace that provide the perfect teeth straightening solution for patients with anterior spacing or dental crowding.

How do Social 6 Lingual braces work?

The braces use similar wires and brackets to traditional fixed braces but are attached to the back of the teeth. The positioning of the fixtures means Social 6 Lingual braces remain completely unnoticed during the treatment process. Your braces will be custom-made to suit your orthodontic condition based on a mould of your teeth. Once your brace has been made you will visit the practice to have them fixed in place.

Who is Suitable for Social 6 Lingual braces?

People who have minor to moderate crowding problems can achieve effective tooth movement with Social 6 Lingual braces. During an initial consultation we will perform a thorough assessment to decide if this is the best brace option for you.

How long does Treatment take?

Most cases can be finished in as little as 5 to 16 weeks but this will depend on the severity of your condition. This can be discussed with our team during an initial consultation.

Pros of Social 6 Lingual braces

  • The braces are highly discreet as they are fixed on the lingual side of the teeth.
  • Social 6 Lingual braces use self-ligating technology and light wires to provide fast and effective tooth movement.
  • Patients enjoy a greater level of comfort compared to other fixed braces.
  • Treatment time can be as little as 5 to 16 weeks.

See the results for yourself:

Treatment time: 5 weeks (1 wire used)

Treatment time: 6 weeks (1 wire used)

Treatment time: 6 weeks (1 wire used)

Treatment time: 6 weeks (1 wire used)

Treatment time: 8 weeks (1 wire used)

Treatment time: 16 weeks (1 wire used)

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