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When you arrive at The Dental Studio you're greeted by their amazing reception team who always make you feel welcomed.

I had Invisalign done with the wonderful Usha, if you're at all worried about being at the dentist she will make those worries disappear in an instant with her charisma and jokes. She's very good at what she does as well, an absolute perfectionist.

When I finished my Invisalign journey it was over to her husband Naresh for some composite bonding. Not much more to say other than wow! The man is an artist.

The Dental Studi have given me a smile I've dreamt of since I was a little kid but never thought was possible. But with the team they have there anything is possible.

Thank you

I would like to firstly say a massive thanks to all the staff at the Dental Studio for all their kindness and hardwork. They're all very professional and welcoming. I have been seeing Emmanouil due to having lots of pain with my wisdom teeth and he always has a caring and friendly approach. He has expert knowledge in dentistry and has on all occasions been very gentle when extracting my wisdom teeth as well as doing fillings and other checkups. His skills are of the highest quality and I am extremely thankful I have him as my dentist. I would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of finding a dentist who listens, cares and is interested in your needs. Thank you so much Emmanouil!

I wish to say an extra thankyou to Emmanouil for the dental treatment I received yesterday. I came in with a badly broken front tooth that he said he would fill.

The result exceeded what I might have hoped for or expected. After nearly an hour of patient, careful , skilful work, with minimal discomfort to me, he had rebuilt the tooth and treated the neighbouring teeth to match so that they now look far better than they ever did.

It was amazing and I'm unbelievably grateful for the pains and effort he took, not forgetting the care and attention given by the wonderful dental nurse [Pabi].

So, again, thank you so much,


Never a great fan of visiting the dentist in my life time ...but I have to say Dr. Emmanouil Katsoulidis makes dental treatment bearable, he gives explanation , reassurance,advice and Greek History education in one visit !!!

Today I needed an extraction and was dreading it but he was wonderful and I'm very grateful for his skills and professional approach.

Infact all the team the Dental Studio are great !! and I feel blessed to be a patient there in these days of finding a decent dentist!!

Don't ever go my wonderful Greek Dentist !!!


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Please pass my thanks to Emmanouil for all the treatment and care I've received throughout my recent appointments. Everything was fully explained and an appointment given within the short period I had available. An extraction was needed and with Emmanouil's expertise the procedure went extremely well, although I expect it was potentially more complicated than the ease of how it felt for me. My thanks also to his dental nurse. The contact for your surgery team after me treatment was appreciated and it was reassuring to report that I hasn't had any problems in those first few days.
Best Wishes.

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Dear Emmanouil

I am writing this as a note of thanks, for the care and attention you have given me over the last year or more.

As you know, I have endured a number of complex dental problems. Your skill and joyful disposition have been a great gift of reassurance at a difficult time for me, having other serious health problems and of course the covid situation.

Your care has been all the more exceptional, given the pressures you have been under with the code pandemic. I do trust this year will be more balanced one for you, bringing you and your family joy and fulfilment.

Thank you again, and i extend my warmest greetings.

Dental Studio Crew Neresh I would like to say thank you for the work that you put on my teeth yesterday, obviously once I got home, I had a look, and wow what a job you have done I am amazed on the results of your work and can not believe how you did it, so a big thanks to you and Stacey and the rest of yur crew I will do my best to look after them and I am looking forward to coming back down.

Regards IG

Can honestly say the Dental Studio in Waterlooville is without doubt the best Dentist I have ever been to. Everyone is so welcoming, friendly, really up beat which creates a brilliant atmosphere and it really does put you at ease whilst remaining professional. Usha took me on my Invisalign journey and was very thorough and explained everything and is honestly such a lovely lovely lady thank you so much because I absolutely love my new smile. Laura and Stacey have been there every step of the way too and are also very very lovely and talkative again thank you so much. I can't put into into words just how amazing this place is and how wonderful all the staff are!! I can't stop smiling!!


Philip Morris and his supporting staff Laura, and Alyssa, gave me a warm welcome on arrival and my treatment went according to plan - all my expectations were met - the service I received was excellent in all regards.

Philip has been our family dentist for the last 47 years and we have always had excellent technical treatment combined with a friendly, trustworthy, and supportive personal understanding. This has always been the hallmark of his success.

Yours sincerely,


Good afternoon, Neresh and Usha

I wanted to drop you a note to say a massive thank you from the bottom of my heart, to you both for all your efforts over the last few years in getting me to the stage where I walked out of your dental studio yesterday, feeling and looking like a new woman!

I have to admit, as soon as I got into my car, I burst out crying with emotion - which I think was a combination of nerves, anxiety and general silliness as this has been such a long time coming.

It has literally changed my life overnight in so many ways that I can't even explain in words - I can feel confident in smiling again, which is something I haven't done in many years - I can look in the mirror and be pleased at what I see now and it will make me a much happier person all round.

I have been so impressed with the time, effort and patience that you have both taken during this journey of mine. You and your team are such kind and wonderful, calm and caring people and I really couldn't have done this without you both on my side, without judging me or making me feel inferior as other dentists have done in the past.

You really are both a huge credit to your profession and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you both and your practice at any time.

I will be popping in at some point over the next week with thank you card and a big smile!

Thank you for giving me back the gift of smiling and feeling happy and confident again.

Best regards until the next time I see you both.

Michele S

At 52 years old, I have always been TERRIFIED of going to the dentist, mainly down to a few horrific experiences I had with dentists many years ago. My teeth were in such a mess, and only ongoing toothache forced me to make the initial call. I spoke to Sharon in Chichester and she was so lovely and understanding. She convinced me to go ahead and make a check up appointment.

I kid you not, on the day of the appointment I was literally shaking! I was introduced to Emmanuel, my Dentist.

From the very start he empathised with how I felt and made me feel at ease by explaining everything thoroughly while he examined my teeth and reassured me that any treatment would be painless. I needed 3 lower extractions and 6 fillings, and then I opted for a plate to fill in any gaps when the work was completed.

All the work has now been completed and Emmanuel has totally transformed my ingrained terror of dentists!!!! I can honestly say that I experienced no pain whatsoever, either with the extractions or the fillings. I am so thrilled with how the treatment has gone that I can’t praise Emmanuel highly enough. He is so gentle and explains everything before he does it.

I’ve just had the final impressions taken for my plate, and I’m so excited to see the final result!

All I can say is thank you ,thank you, thank you to Emmanuel. He has achieved the impossible in eradicating my fears and has given me a beautiful and healthy new smile!!! Out of 5 stars, I give the Dental Studio 25!!!

Sue Keeler - Facebook

Just wanted to pass on my thanks to Dr Behari and assistant today. I’m getting married this Sunday and he looked after me teeth as usual with such friendship and professionalism. Even gave me a polish for my big day.

As ever… what a team and what a lovely place to come.


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Dear Barbara

It is with absolute pleasure that i write this short review regarding my recent dental cosmetic treatment which finished yesterday 20/11/2018. I cannot thank Neresh and all of the fantastic staff for your incredible high skill, genuine caring and real patience with someone as nervous as me. My confidence and my smile are so good now. I will certainly recommend (with pride) you and your practice to anybody. Thank you so very much.

Christine Reilly

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Dear Usha

Thank you and all your team for all your care and professional expertise in repairing my teeth and doing my implants. My teeth are now well aligned and look good, and i can eat steak and apples etc with confidence.

Thank you

Hi Usha

I wanted to thank you for your remarkable workmanship in remodelling my crooked teeth. Never did I think it were possible to correct such misalignment & unevenness in the teeth. I am also very grateful for your perseverance in re-scanning & extending the Invisalign treatment to get the best outcome. Similarly, accommodating my availability has also been much appreciated.

I am over the moon with the result & thank you for that which you have achieved.

With best wishes,

Sean People

I've been a patient at Chichester Dental Studio for 15 years and have always been impressed with the services and all the various treatments I have received from regular cleaning, repair of dentures, installation of false teeth bridges, general advice and booking and reception services.

Overall I doubt if I could do better for the same cost anywhere else.

Mr G.E

Since I was a teenager I have always had crooked teeth, and the front four teeth were crowned aged 21.

This lasted a number of years until they started to look unsightly, stained at the top and tired. I have always hated my teeth and smiled either without opening my mouth or with my hand over my mouth. I also had quite bad gum disease.

I started with the waterlooville practice many years ago then I went NHS and was so unhappy with their treatment of me I went back to Chichester Branch, to be looked after by Usha.

Usha only ever had my treatment and smile on her agenda, and her job was to improve my smile. It almost seemed like her mission. She suggested implants, which was scary when I had to have all my front teeth out and a plate fitted. I wondered then whether I was doing the right thing. But she assured me that my smile was important to her and her job to make me look so much better than I did before.

Usha kept her promise to me and I am more than pleased with the result. My smile was at the heart of everything we went through together, and sometimes it was a struggle but she was always kind and reassuring. Nothing short of perfect was good enough for her. I feel I have a friend and a dentist.

I now don’t put my hand over my mouth to smile and feel more confident. Thank you Usha, you are truly brilliant .. The best.

Hazel Lock

I recently had some porcelain veneers fitted by Usha and have to say what a wonderful job she has done. I would also like to thank Gemma for reassuring me and helping to keep me informed throughout my treatment. Some years ago I had quite a …More recently had some porcelain veneers fitted by Usha and have to say what a wonderful job she has done. I would also like to thank Gemma for reassuring me and helping to keep me informed throughout my treatment. Some years ago I had quite a severe gum disease because it was completely ignored by the NHS dentist I had at the time,. I subsequently had this treated by a Periodontist and my gums are now healthy again but the disease left me with long teeth and some large gaps. I did not think that much could be done to rectify this but what Usha has managed to do is amazing, I am so delighted. I would not hesitate in recommending this dental practice to anyone as everyone is so friendly and professional.

Jacqueline Goddard

I have recently undergone treatment and had implants fitted by Mr. Morris.

I was very nervous about the whole procedure, but Philip was so understanding and caring at every stage of the treatment, and now I have my lovely new teeth I …More have recently undergone treatment and had implants fitted by Mr. Morris.

I was very nervous about the whole procedure, but Philip was so understanding and caring at every stage of the treatment, and now I have my lovely new teeth I cannot thank him enough.

Every member of staff at both the Chichester and Waterlooville surgeries are extremely welcoming, polite and friendly.

Many thanks. Barbara.

Barbara Bennett

I approached the Dental Studio with much trepidation as I had decided the I needed a new look with my miss- matched front teeth. The work needed was discussed in detail with several photos taken and I still felt worried and very nervous …More approached the Dental Studio with much trepidation as I had decided the I needed a new look with my miss- matched front teeth. The work needed was discussed in detail with several photos taken and I still felt worried and very nervous about the amount of work that needed to be undertaken.

All the worry was unfounded I am so very pleased with my final results and I feel 100% more confident with my smile.

My teeth and gums are so much heathier after my hygienist treatment, thank you Claire Thelwll.

The dental nurses were all friendly and especially friendly was Sharon the receptionist.

However is was Usha Ramjas who did all the dental work thank you so much I am delighted with the results thank you

Annette Haswell

Have just finished treatment done by the wonderful Usha Ramjas. Would recommend Chichester Dental Studio to anyone who is unhappy with their smile. They have completely transformed not only my smile but my confidence as well. The staff are …More Have just finished treatment done by the wonderful Usha Ramjas. Would recommend Chichester Dental Studio to anyone who is unhappy with their smile. They have completely transformed not only my smile but my confidence as well. The staff are so friendly and welcoming and really make an effort to get to know you so can provide the best treatment that suits you. Absolutely amazing service and i am so happy with my results. Cannot thank Usha and her team enough for what they have done!

Alexine Louise Clarke

Excellent care and wonderful staff!

I recently moved to Chichester and had to find a new dental practice. Checking online for information on private dentists, I came across the Dental Studio and …More Excellent care and wonderful staff!

I recently moved to Chichester and had to find a new dental practice. Checking online for information on private dentists, I came across the Dental Studio and decided to register with them as reviews for this practice were outstanding, and I'm about to add another outstanding one. My dentist Usha is clearly at the top of her profession and takes great care to make you comfortable during treatment. I needed to have two fillings replaced today which required local anaesthetics. I could hardly feel the needle go into the gums and have had a truly easy time in the chair and felt completely relaxed during the procedure. One of the fillings was for one of my front teeth and it was done so well that you cannot even see that there is a filling. I cannot recommend this practice highly enough!

Vera Peiffer

Excellent practice, Brilliant and friendly staff . The dentist Usha is and incredible and Professional Dentist you can see the passion in her practice of work. Very special Dental practice in west Sussex Chichester. First class Service when you go there every time :)

Clara Robson kanu

I've just finished my treatment with Usha and cannot be any happier. Everyone at the dental studio were brilliant, always greeted with a smile and are very polite. I would definitely recommend this dental studio to anyone looking at getting any works done. Thanks again!

Charlie Kelly

Professional, caring, and very gentle, A great consultation with every treatment, and you certainly never feel rushed. A wonderful team of staff, I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Justine Salway

Only dentist I have been with where the injection is the most painful thing. Recently had root canal treatment- totally pain free. Lovely staff too.

June Turner

Absolutely amazing experience here. I had 2 dental implants placed. Couldn't believe how little pain it all was. Absolutely chuffed with the results. And on top of that, every single member of staff that have been in the surgery with me were so lovely and really put my nerves at ease. Such a good atmosphere between the team and so polite . Couldn't recommend this studio enough!

Natalie Murray

After putting up with numerous changes of dentists in my NHS practice and mismatched crowns for a number of years, I decided to have them replaced and have some other cosmetic work done for my 60th birthday. I had been very conscious about the state of my teeth for a number of years and never smiled properly in photos. It was quite a big step for me to finally have the work done but after my initial consultation with Dr. Behari I felt completely at ease. He discussed the options open to me and advised the best treatment for longevity as well as cosmetic.

The treatment consisted of replacing two of the existing crowns, veneers, a crown to replace a broken back tooth and a lower bridge to replace a crown that had been consistently problematic over a number of years. Even though two of my appointments were quite long, I was very comfortable throughout and the care given by Dr. Behari and his nurses was excellent.

Now the work has been completed I am very happy with the final result. I no longer feel ashamed of my teeth and can now smile again with confidence. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Behari and the Dental Studio to anyone considering any form of dental treatment and this comes with a very big thank you to Dr. Behari and all his staff.

I have had a problem for many years now where I had panic attacks whilst having fillings. I have never worried about having injections or the use of the drill but I panicked if there was a need to have a matrix band around my tooth whilst it was being filled. I also struggled to cope with X Rays.

Over the last few years I have had to have several teeth filled more than once in a short period of time because the fillings fell out. I finally spoke to my doctor who recommended consultation with I Talk and was taking Diazepam before treatment.

Finally, in April this year I decided to change my dentist and made an appointment at the Dental Studio. I had an initial consultation with Neresh which included X Rays and was advised that I needed 4 crowns. This was to involve a three-hour appointment for the preparation work, impressions and fitting of temporary crowns. I was worried that I would not cope but Neresh and Hayley convinced me that I would and that I did not need Diazepam.

They were incredible and kept me calm and recognised exactly how to help someone like myself during the preparation work. I returned after two weeks to have the permanent crowns fitted and can honestly say that because of their understanding and care I shall not be frightened of having treatment in the future or worry about the standard of dental work. Neresh is a perfectionist and I have complete confidence in him.

I am 47 years old and have a perfect smile. This did not happen naturally as my family do not carry the ‘perfect teeth’ gene. I had to find a man to create it for me. That man is Dr Neresh Behari, supported by his team in the Dental Studio. My story spans 8 years in total, my braces account for less than 12 months of that. Find the bits of the journey you find relevant, forget the rest. Take away the fact that whatever your circumstance, there is a team of professionals at the Dental Studio wishing to embrace your personal journey ………

I started my journey 8 years ago at 39. I approached the Dental Studio through yellow pages. Their advert claimed to specialise in treating nervous patients. I knew then that I wanted to have orthodontic work done that I should have had when I was a little girl. I was aware that I had to overcome a severe dental phobia to get it done. I also feared that if I didn’t tackle gingivitis, a condition I had suffered from for most of my adult life, certainly following pregnancy in my early thirties, that I wouldn’t have any teeth to correct by the time I was 50. Most importantly, I wanted my children to grow up looking forward to visiting their dentist rather than living in fear of it as I had done, all of my life.

Usha became our family dentist. The history of my story that followed is now represented by my smile. It is the product of kind reception staff, hygienists, nurses, Usha and especially Neresh all of whom have helped me overcome fear and gifted me a confidence and a presence, professionally that has changed my life. I am the lady that needed every single member of the Dental Practice to play their part so we could get my job done.

I don’t think my timeline is normal and many will achieve what I have in months rather than years. So, to put mine in perspective, it was initially complicated by surgery to correct my mouth breathing, a product of severe nasal polyps; only once that was done soon after my 41st birthday did we really start to get to grips with my gums. I think my hygienist was one of the few people in my life that really appreciated the additional impact of work induced stress, recognising that it too was manifesting itself in my mouth. So I’m very grateful for the way in which she worked patiently with me. It took 2 years to stabilise and force my personal habits. She gave my mouth the foundation upon which orthodontic work could then follow. And she was the only hygienist I’ve had that didn’t make me feel like a naughty child because my gums bled. She was the lady that helped me manage my phobia and make visiting a dentist feel normal. Without her, I would not have completed my journey.

It took another couple of years to stump up the personal courage to have the conversation I had with Usha about taking the next step and having braces. It was a big decision; financially, presentationally, physically, professionally and emotionally. I don’t think you commit to such a thing without trusting, and liking, the people that you will take that journey with. When it came, it felt like a conversation with a friend. I felt I owned decisions when I needed to, but I was also very happy to be guided when I needed to be also. I felt Usha understood the challenges I’d have to overcome professionally in taking my journey with braces. And I trusted her judgement. She helped me opt for a long term solution, top and bottom braces, but knew me well enough to know that it was the best solution for me.

So to Neresh. Imagine, given my history, the job he had on his hands. He went to great lengths to understand my professional and personal life, and the impact that braces would have on that. It’s a remarkable gift don’t you think, to see an end product and have the skill to make that happen? On reflection, I think the true skill has been matching the smile to the person. You have to really care about your profession and your patient to make that magic happen. I like that in him; his very genuine spirit, and very special skills. He’s a truly talented gentleman to whom I shall be eternally grateful. He’s managed to reflect my soul to the outside world in such a beautiful way; my smile.

I can tell you that I know my journey has already inspired others to have braces done in their forties too. In work, people less connected with me notice a new confidence about me, and I’m very open in explaining why. I work hard to compete professionally and can honestly say that it has been my smile, and how it has made me feel that has made the difference to my performance. It’s made me a better in my role as a Strategic HR Director; my department and my clients reflect how I feel. And I feel great. If you’ve read this I hope it inspires You too.

You see, here’s the thing. It’s one thing to set a Mission for a dental practice. It’s another thing to deliver against it. Excellence, team spirit, caring attention, empowerment, and a smile that will contribute to your well being. These are attributes I saw delivered consistently over many years. Of course if you want it delivered in 6 months I’m sure they can do that too. However, for those that share just one piece of my reality, start the journey because I can promise you a team that will adapt to your own circumstances and make your magic happen too.

I am 47 and have a perfect smile. I am a lady who was dropped off by a friend at the Dental Studio door riddled with a phobia, shaking with fear at the door but willing to work with people that could offer me a solution. I was welcomed and supported. I walked away smiling from ear to ear, every single member of this family practice having embraced and contributed to my journey. I have experienced kindness, professional excellence and skill that has changed my life.

This is my story. Might some of it be yours?

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My journey started when I finally decided that I wanted to straighten and whiten my teeth, I was never truly happy with the look of them. So I phoned the Dental studio and they organised a consultation to discuss all my options with me, they were really thorough and explained everything in great detail, after which I decided to go ahead with the 6 month smile for my top and bottom teeth, as well as whitening.

Over the course of having my braces in and the regular check-ups, I cannot fault anything about the service I received. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, I was always fully informed of what was happening throughout my treatment including next steps, so nothing was ever a surprise. I was also offered treatments I didn't know existed to further improve my smile, by having fillings to extend my worn teeth to bring their shape back.

The professionalism of everyone in the practise was incredible and were always accommodating to my appointment times and last minute changes I needed to make on occasion. A big 'thank you' to everyone at the practise for making the whole experience so easy, not really appreciative.

Last but not least a massive 'thank you' to Neresh for putting the time and precision into making my teeth and smile what it is today, due to your excellent judgement and great skill I couldn't be happier with the end result.

Thank you so much, I can't stop smiling.
Kind regards

Oliver Jarvis

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Dear Dr RamJas (Usha)
I would like to thank you from the start to finish of my procedure. You have not only changed my life but probably saved it.

Thank you so very much.
You are a genius.
Thank you so so much

Emma xx

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I recently had implants fitted under the guidance of Dr Behari and can easily say it was the best decision i ever made. As a result of a childhood accident and poor decisions (in my opinion) by the NHS dental system at the time, my front teeth started to move and become unsightly as an adult. The look of my teeth made me miserable and unconfident which in turn made work difficult as i was in sales so i'm always talking to people. After lots of discussions of braces, veneer and implants i decided that implants was the best direction to take due to the longevty of the them. Dr Behari and his dental nurse Hayley have been brillient throughout the whole process, they answered all my questions and settled any fears that i had. The surgery itself was surprisingly painless and i was back to work the following day with no swelling or soreness. The temporary teetg that Dr Behari had made were good and it wasn't noticeable that they were jsut temparary options. Again when it came to the final crowns Dr Behari talked me through different options available and what he thought was the best in his opinion. At no point did he pressure me and allowed me to make my own decision. I also had the whitening process done before this and again Dr Behari ensured that both he & I were happy with the outcome before proceeding any further. I now have my final teeth and they are fabulous!! They final look is so much better than i expected and I am so happy that i decided to opt for Implants..... people keep commenting how much more 'smiley' i am now. I would strongly recommend the Dental Studio to anyone looking at cosmetic dentistry as well as day to day treatment. The reception staff are loverly and Tom the Hygienist is brilliant too. I have been using this surgery for 19 years and never had a bad experience, they certainly have a patient for life in me.

Jodie Morley

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To Neresh & all the wonderful staff!

Thank you sooooo much for giving me my smile back & restoring my faith in dentist's again! Im actually going to miss my braces (in a strange way). You have all been amazing!!!

Much Love


Dear Usha and Gemma,

Just a note to say thank you for your treatment, I was a little nervous of dental work having sensitive teeth and so it was a big decision to have some cosmetic work on my teeth. So I would like to say that you have been very gentle and careful to avoid discomfort. I am very happy with the natural looking veneers and my new smile!

Kind regards,

Diana Arnold.

Hi Usha and Gemma,

Just wanted to drop you an email to say a huge thank you for yesterday. When I left yesterday afternoon I was in a bit of a daze...don't know if I mentioned it but I was exhausted (might have said that 50 times or so!), and wasn't sure if I clearly expressed my gratitude.

I had the rest of the day to check out my new teeth and I'm incredibly pleased with the results so far, even though its only my temps. The adjustments you made to my two front teeth was a great call, looks really good. The day went incredibly smoothly and I felt completely at ease the whole time; it is a true credit to your personalities, professionalism and expertise...'excellence in dentistry' indeed!

Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.

All the best

Steve 'Star Patient' Goldacre

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Dear Neresh & Hayley & Team,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how grateful I am for the veneers which you gave me recently.

I was a nervous patient... and you put me at ease (as much as you possibly could). I am glad to report that my sensitivity has nearly all gone & things are pretty much as they were. Apart from the fact that I am running around grinning at everyone... showing my new teeth off.

Once again, thank you... I would not hesitate to recommend your practice, very professional and I was not rushed at any stage.

All the best

King Regards

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Hello everyone

This is my testimonial for your website, please feel free to put it up. Thanks for everything :)

Discovering The Dental studio as life changing for me.

I had a gap between my two front teeth of which began to bother me hugely the past couple of years. I am extremely nervous of attending dental appointments, so the thought of having cosmetic dentistry terrified me, but, I needed to overcome my fear. Therefore, finding the right dental practice was essential. Not just for carrying out work to a high standard, but a practice that was supportive and understanding when it comes to nervous patients.

After many hours browsing the Internet I discovered the dental studio and felt quite drawn to this practice. I recall my first initial contact when I phoned to query cosmetic services provided. I spoke to Margaret, I told Margaret how nervous I was, what I wanted to achieve. Margaret was excellent at putting me at ease, so mush so I took the plunge and booked a free consultation. Dhana greeted me at the consultation and answered all my questions, was very informative and kind. Again, I felt at ease.

I then met Dr Behari in the main dental consultation whereby I experienced kindness, and professionalism. I had the opportunity to look through photos of work Dr Behari had carried out and was very impressed and immediatley knew I had to come the right place. After attending several appointments the day came where I had the work carried out, the work that changed my smile and gave me confidence. It is the best thing I have ever done.

I wasn't the easiest of patients due to my nerves, sometimes becoming anxious and tearful. However, the team at the surgery always maintained kindess and support and understanindg towards me. Everything was explained clearly to me prior to and during treatment ensuring I could make informed decisions.

They went above and beyond dental care in that they provide a warm friendly environment going out of there way to ease a nervous patients anxieties. Brilliant team, professional, and high quality dental work.

Even the decor is beautiful and relaxing

What also struck me is the passion of Dr Behari, it is clear he takes great pride in the work he does and enjoys making a difference to peoples lives. The lovely dental nurse Hayley was brilliant, and also played a huge part in keeping me calm and reassured during treatment.

I would definitely recommend this team/pracitce to anyone looking to change their smile.

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Since arriving at the surgery to replace Peter, who had treated us very well for many years, we have found you to be an ideal replacement. We find you to be a very knowledgable, gentle and friendly man who readily puts us at ease.

Together with hygienist Thomas, the dental nurses and the very efficient reception staff we find a visit tot he surgery not to be a "bad dream" but one which puts a smile on our faces. Whether it be a regular or emegency session you treat us very well.

Thank you again from us both and our family.

Yours sincerely

Tony and Jan Parkes and family

Dear All,

I would just like to drop you a quick email to thank you for the dental work carried out by Naresh and your team for me.

For a long time I thought about having some minor cosmetic work undertaken because my teeth had moved over the years and I had become conscious of this, especially when smiling. You were recommended to me by a member of my family and the entire process, from initial consultation and regular reviews of the progress through to completion was seamless and highly professional. I was very impressed with the 6 month smile method, which has left me extremely pleased with the end result.

As a company Director, confidence is very important and the work you have carried out for me has totally removed the concerns I used to have with my smile, particularly for presentations and meetings.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever recommending you to others for the six month smile and the cosmetic treatments you offer.

Best regards

Mark Jones

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To Whom it may concern.

Ever since I moved into Waterlooville, on 19th April 1996, I have attended this Dental Studio.

And I can honestly say, I have never had better service anywhere. I am 79 years young, and from my first visit, on asking for a complete M.O.T. I received 1 front crown - 6 front veneers. Plus all the caring treatment ever since. I have always felt treated with respect, almost like a celebrity.

From reception to all staff, nurses etc especially Mr Neresh Behari and Tom Juckes.

Its more like a special day out for me, not a visit to the dentist.

God bless them all.



P.S. I feel 20 years yonger now.

Dear Neresh

I would like to thank you for such brilliant work done on my implant. Your consideration in explaining every facet of what you are doing as you go along gave me complete confidence that the final result would be as excellent as all the previous work you have done on my behalf. I was not disappointed.

I have said this before, but everyone in your practice makes each person who comes into the studio feel welcome and at ease. They are treated with friendliness and courtesy and it is a practice you and your wife should feel proud of.

It is a privilege to have a husband and wife team in our area who are so dedicated and passionate about the work they do, and continue to keep abreast of the latest innovations and techniques.

Thank you both so much for this invaluable service.


I moved from working in Waterlooville and living in Southsea to North Hampshire a few years ago, but to maintain the best possible condition of my teeth, I still attend Dental Studio!

I have 6 monthly checkups with Dr Behari and the hygienist, and am always happy to receive treatment over the last 10 years, often without the need for pain relaxing injections!

See you in 6 months!


Being a complete nervous wreck regarding any dentistry whatsoever, I can completely recommend the Dental Studio.

The patience and Kindness shown on each visit means I have the treatment needed to my teeth that otherwise I would be too afraid to have.

I have been coming to the Dental Studio many years now and whilst I don’t always look forward to coming, the experience is made so much easier by Dr Behari and Hayley – THANK YOU!!


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Over the past several years, I had become increasingly unhappy and embarrassed with my unsightly appearance of my teeth as my gums had receded, exposing a large amount of the tooth root. Also, the jaw bone had deteriorated, thus loosening the stability of the teeth, causing them to shift positions which created gaps and had caused one of the top front ones to stick out.

I decided to look up cosmetic dentistry on the internet and after extensive reasearch, was most impressed with what I saw on the website for The Dental Studio. I keenly read the notable accolades, glowing testimonials and looked in awe at the amazing results of the before and after pictures in the photo gallery. Noticing that they offered an initial free consultation had me runnning for the phone and I eagerly awaited my appointment day!

I felt somewhat emotional and apprehensive when my meeting with Dana started, as talking to anyone, (especially a complete stranger with perfect 'pearly whites') about something so personal as my ugly gnashers didn't come easy! She was however, so understanding and sympathetic of my plight that I soon felt at easy and I didn't even mind when she got the camera out (an object which I preferred not to be in front of for a long time) and starting taking close up photos of my teeth!

Since that day, I have had several appointments at The Dental Studio and cannot praise the practice staff enough for their professionalism and efficiency at all levels.

Following discussions with Dr Neresh Bahari, during which, various options were explained, we mutually concluded that doing home whitening, then having a combination of veneers and replacement crowns was the most appropriate solution for me at this stage.

I had lots of questions and Dr Bahari explained fully each step of my procedure with expertise, patience, compassion and a complete understanding of me, often anticipating what I was going to ask before I had to! I didn't experience an pain, sensiivity or discomfort whatsoever and throughout my surgery was treated with care and consideration.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend The Dental Studio to anyone contemplating cosmetic enhancement of for regular checkups-ups and hygenist visits as the courtesy received from the reception to the chair, before and after your treatment is impeccable!

Thanks to Tom for being such a gentle hygienist and special thanks to lovely Hayley for holding my hand! Dr Behari, due to your diligence and extensive knowledge of your profession, I thank you so much for my beautiful smile!


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I just want to say a big thank you to Dr Behari, Hayley and all the staff at The Dental Studio.

After a recommendation from a work colleague i frist came to see Dr Behari for an initial consultation about three years ago.

I was made to feel welcome from the start and the treatment i required to give me a confident smile was explained to me by Dr Behari in detail. I decided to go ahead.

My treatment has been complex and taken over two years to complete but i have been delighted every step of the way!

At last i can smile with confidence and would thoroughly recommend The Dental Studio to anyone who is considering having a 'new smile'!

I now feel part of the Dental Studio 'family' and even have me picture in the Studio and on the website!

Once again thank you all so much!

Kingest regards

Ruth Michaels x :)

I would like to say a big thank you to Dr Neresh Behari for the excellent work he carried out on my broken teeth, in fitting veneers and whitening. I am amazed as they look so totally natural. My confidence has now been totally restored.

Dr Behari took so much time and trouble with me to understand my personal needs and the follow up care and telephone calls from his team were very reassuring.

I was recommended to use the Dental Studio and am very pleased with the friendly and professional service that I received and I would not hesitate to recommend the Dental Studio myself.

Thank you -

Ashley Randell

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A big thank you to the team at the Dental Studio Waterlooville.

Over the last few months I have been in a lot of pain with my teeth and gums and am not very good at going for treatment.

I am very grateful for the compassionate attitude of Dr Behari and Hayley, his dental nurse. I find dental work very stressful, so it was such a relief that Dr Behari's great sense of humour.

I am very happy to say that my mouth and teeth feel so much better and having had two root canal treatments in a short space of time was well worth it in order to keep my teeth.

A thank you to the receptionists for calling me after my treatments to check that I was ok, very good customer service.

I would recommend any who is in need of dental work or nervous about going to contact the Dental Studio as I can confirm that my fear and anxiety have been greatly reduced over the last few months.

Keep up the good work you all do.

Many thanks

Jane Gibbs

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Dear Dr Behari,

I am writing to say how much I value the time and effort that you put into providing me with a beautiful set of ceramic teeth.

I used to be quite embarrassed to smile openly as I was aware of how badly discoloured my teeth were. The work that you have done has transformed my life and given me renewed confidence to smile openly. I was very impressed with all the time taken to make sure I was one hundred per cent happy with every detail, and your willingness to explain at each stage exactly what was occurring in the making and fitting of the ceramics.

It was such a joy to find a dentist locally who was able to do this intricate work and I would recommend to anyone who is concerned about the look of their teeth to make the investment for a new and confident smile.

Many thanks to you and your team.

Lynne Firth

Dear Mr Behari,

I would sincerely like to thank you for the high standard, expertise, skill and knowledge you have shown me throughout my treatment.

It has been a long process lasting several years, during this time the care, attention and encouragement you have shown me has been second to none. You have explained every process with me, making sure I understood exactly what was going to happen, you always explained the reasons why procedures had to be done. Your patience, care and understanding throughout has been first class.

You truly are an amazing man, I can now smile again and be proud of my smile. EVERY TIME I SMILE I THANK YOU!

The high standards you set yourself and your team are to be commended. You all always make me feel special and make every visit a pleasure.

I thank you all for the attention and kindness you have all shown me.


Angela Cairns

Hi Karen and Usha,

Sorry it took me so long to write this, but here is my testimonial.

'I would like to thank Usha and Karen at the Dental Studio for all the time and work they put into giving me such a fantastic, natural looking set of teeth.

I had known for some time that I would have to have work done at some point in the future as my teeth were very worn and discoloured. I used to be a very nervous dental patient but a root canal treatment preformed by Katti at the Dental Studio in Waterlooville cured me of this fear, so when I moved to Chichester I transferred to the Little London practice.

I asked Usha to advise what treatment would be necessary to prevent any further wear of my teeth. She advised that 6 of my top front teeth needed to be fitted with crowns but I could consider 8 to correct the whole width of my smile. I was daunted about the amount of work this would involve, especially as my wedding was only a few months away but she assured me that there was plenty of time.

She recommended a whitening treatment first to improve the colour of all of my teeth. I then had moulds of my teeth made which were used to create a plaster cast of what my teeth would look like after the crowns were fitted. I confirmed I was happy with this so temporary teeth were made which I wore for 2 weeks. This was invaluable as a couple of alterations were required. The permanent teeth were made from impressions of the adjusted temporary teeth, so when the permanent teeth were fitted they were absolutely perfect.

I can't thank Usha and Karen enough for their care and attention to every detail. They explained what would happen at every stage and took the time to answer any questions I had. They put me completely at ease at each appointment. Karen even phoned me the day after I had the temporary teeth fitted to make sure there were no problems with them.

I hadn't realised how much of a difference having the crowns fitted would make. I was not used to seeing any of my top teeth in photos when I smiled - I was amazed at the transformation!

Most importantly, I had the perfect smile for my wedding day!'

I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year,


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Dear Sir,

I would like to thank Dr. Neresh Behari for the excellent work carried out including whitening treatment and crowns and porcelain laminate veneers. The before and after is amazing to see and has already affected my confidence for me personally.

The work is extremely skilful and I am very pleased with the professional level of service during treatment and the aftercare telephone calls of enquiry as to my comfort after treatment.

I’d like to thank Dr. Behari and his staff for the work I have received and I am very happy to recommend this dental service to anyone.

Miss Kim Hills

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I wish to 'put down on paper' how happy I am with the dental treatment I have received at the Dental Studio in Chichester.

I do not have particularly good teeth and over the course of my lifetime have required a significant amount of dental work. This dental work has been received, and sometimes endured, from many dentists in difference locations and countries. Some experienced have been good, but the majority have been either indifferent or downright unpleasant and painful—often with disappointing results.

So it was with trepidation that I decided to make an appointment for an overdue check-up at the Dental Studio. What a refreshing and pleasant change! From my first contact with reception throughout my various treatments, I have experienced a perfect blend of expertise, professionalism and warm friendliness from Usha and every member of her team.

However, the icing on the cake for me was the wonderful cosmetic work. Usha has expertly given me a smile to be proud of and several people have made very positive comments. I am delighted with the result which, in my view, is as good if not better than that one would expect to obtain in London, without the additional cost and inconvenience.

Therefore, I would not have any hesitation in unreservedly recommending Usha and her excellent team at the Dental Studio in Chichester!

Stephanie Pountney

I have been a nervous dental patient for most of my life and then I found Usha and Annette. Not only are they are friendly, kind and caring, they put me at ease on my first ever visit. I wish I had found them years ago!

Kind regards

Maria Collins


As promised here are a few lines about why I choose to come to the Dental Studio.

I have been visiting the practice for a few years now and I am always greeted with a smiling face and a friendly welcome. This puts me at ease and therefore I am well relaxed when I go in to see Mr Behari. Mr Behari always greets me like a friend he hasn't seen for a while and is always interested in how I am and how life is treating me before we even get onto the subject of teeth!

I moved away from the area in 2006 and couldn't bear the thought of changing to a new dentist and trying to find one that I felt comfortable with so I still travel for an hour and a half to see Mr Behari and it's well worth the journey!

His "chair side" manner is excellent and the whole experience leaves me feeling very confident and reassured that a good thorough job has been done.

I hope to be able to continue to visit the Dental Studio for many years to come.

Thank you Mr Behari and all the staff for your continued care.

Best Wishes

Sarah Drew
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Dear Mr Behari,

I would like to thank you for your care and kindness during recent visits, following cosmetic crown work and fillings. Problems arose following my initial treatment and I had to make several trips for subsequent treatment.

The reception staff were exceptionally helpful making appointments for me to see you quickly, and your thoroughness and concern during treatment to relieve the pain I was experiencing were very much appreciated. At all times during this period, I have found everyone to be welcoming and at no time was I made to feel a nuisance.

I have been a patient with this practice for many years, through various changes, and have been quite happy with my routine visits. It is, however, when problems arise that the true value of a practice can be judged and my recent experience has given me every confidence that I am fortunate to attend a dental practice of quality—from the relaxing atmosphere in reception and the surgeries, to everyone with whom I come into contact.

I am, by the way, absolutely thrilled with my new crown.

Once again, many thanks and I wish everyone well at Christmas and for the coming New Year.

Yours sincerely,

Linda Rogers

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Dear Dr Behari,

I would like to express my appreciation for the expertise, skill and knowledge you provided to me throughout my recent treatment. The result has been incredible and I now have, thanks to you, a fantastic smile to be proud of.

Your patience, care and attention throughout some long sessions were outstanding and you were very considerate in the way you talked me through each procedure. Everything was professional from beginning to end and I believe you are the most amazing dentist and have performed a miraculous smile makeover. I will smile in gratitude for the rest of my life.

The high standards, aftercare and customer service at the Dental Studio is second to none and the unparalleled service, friendly attention and genuine courtesy shown to me have been exceptional. I will certainly be recommending you.

Every time I smile I say thank you...

Sheila Mapleden

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I just want to express my extreme gratitude to you for sorting out my VERY painful wisdom tooth. Following my second visit last Friday as the final part of the root canal treatment I have had no further pain whatsoever and I am so incredibly happy.

Looking back, I so wish I had trusted you to deal with this tooth when I first became your patient. You said it could be resolved but I was just too scared to proceed. I know I have an irrational fear of dental treatment that usually results in my shaking life a leaf in your treatment chair which is somewhat embarrassing. However, the kind and understanding manner in which you deal with nervous patients is a credit to your profession and I am eternally grateful.

I have enclosed a small gift which I hope you will accept as a token of my appreciation for you giving me back a life free from tooth pain.

Thank you so VERY much!!!

With kindest regards,

Frances Stevens

Dear Dr. Neresh Behari,

I would just like to say a massive thank you to yourself and the team at The Dental Studio. I was looking for a dentist to help me with my badly filled teeth and NOT so pleasant smile as my teeth were very, let's say, off white when you were recommended to me.

Not being a big fan of dentists at the best of times I was a little worried knowing how bad my teeth had got, but I was soon put at ease by the friendly and professional team at the studio.

All the work I had done, from whitening to new fillings and crowns to bridges were all carried out expertly!

You have helped transform my mouth and given me a confident smile now that I am very happy with!!!

I would definitely recommend your studio to people.

Thanks again,

Mr. Duncan Warwood

I just want to say how brilliantly you made my teeth after straightening them!

I am 77 years old and I can honestly say I look and feel so happy and confident since I have finished my treatment.

Dr Behari and his assistant deserve a medal for all they did for me.

Thank you for your kindness and good manners in how you treated me.


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Dear Neresh, Usha, Stacy, Laura and everyone involved with my Invisalign composite bonding and whitening journey,

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU again.

You are the best at making people's smiles the most perfect they can be, always a pleasure to visit the most friendly, professional of dental teams.

Lots of love,


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To the very best dentist in the world,

I came to visit you as a nervous wreck. You were so kind (as were all your colleagues) and you have fixed me

I didn't even have a sleepless night before today!

You have made me so much more confident. I can now smile and eat properly. Thank you so much.

With grateful thanks, from Wendy.

I would like to say my visit with your hygienist today was exceptional.

Laura went the extra mile explaining the pocketing of my gums. She was gentle but extremely thorough.

I came away more knowledgable of my mouthcare and felt very confident in my hygienist.

Thank you Laura x

From PE

I wanted to say a massive thank you to Usha and her team for allowing me to achieve a smile I have always wanted.

A very professional and expert service, it was all so worth it.

Invisible braces, regular follow up and a pristine finish made the whole process bearable and quick, I am delighted!

From DS