Same Day Teeth

Same Day Teeth is a dental implant system otherwise known as Teeth in a Day that enables patients to start enjoying their new smile without delay. Normally, implant patients would have to wait around three months for the permanent restorations—a dental bridge, denture or crown—to be attached, but with Same Day Teeth the transformation is instantaneous.

How do Same Day Teeth work?

The treatment combines speed and efficiency for improved results. Rather than waiting months for the fixtures to integrate into the bone tissue, the new dentures are placed immediately after the implants are secured in the jaw bone sockets, with Teeth in a Day Implants being placed at specific angles to provide maximum support for your new teeth.

Benefits of Same Day Teeth

The most obvious benefit is the speed of the treatment process and this means that the patient can enjoy the results with immediate effect. The process also requires fewer dental visits and subsequently less time in the dental chair compared to traditional implant treatment, which is good news for patients who have a fear of going to the dentist or if you dislike injections.

The process is also an effective option for patients who have previously experienced problems with dentures. Many denture-wearers worry about their dentures coming loose or irritating their gums, but Teeth in a Day has been developed to tackle many of the problems associated with wearing dentures.

Patients can now relax in the knowledge that their dentures will not come loose and they can enjoy eating without the worry of denture slippage. Same Day Teeth also improves the ability to chew by increasing the force of the teeth, which means that you don't need to discontinue eating your favourite foods.

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