Gum Treatment

Here at the Dental Studio we invest in the latest technology and techniques to ensure our patients receive the highest standards of dental treatment and patient care. This ranges from the latest in teeth straightening systems to the most smile-enhancing cosmetic dentistry procedures. Another area of dentistry we place a huge amount of emphasis on is periodontal disease, and it is for this dental health problem that we provide patients with PAD™.

What is PAD™?

It denotes Photo-Activated Oral Disinfection and provides great assistance in the treatment of periodontal disease. This is because the device eliminates all types of bacteria in the mouth, including Streptococcus mutans, Veillonella and Fusobacterium nucleatum. This provides an effective means of preventing decay, aiding demineralised tissue and encouraging healthy healing. This piece of advanced dental technology can also help in cases of endodontics, prophylaxis and restorative dentistry.

What does PAD™ treatment involve?

The Photo-Activated Oral Disinfection device consists of two key elements: A watery solution of medical grade tolonium chloride and a red light mechanism of a precise wavelength that activates the solution. The solution will target all bacteria in the mouth and when triggered by the red light component release singlet oxygen to rupture the cell membranes of present bacteria and eliminate them. The process does not have any impact on healthy tissue and will not stain the gums or tooth restorations.

How does this benefit patients?

Normally, the treatment of periodontal disease requires teeth to be drilled and other invasive techniques, but it does not always guarantee long-lasting results. With PAD™ there is less need for anaesthetic and it is a much more painless treatment, which will come as welcome news to younger patients and dental phobics. PAD™ also provides less invasive treatment and ensures greatly improved treatment of periodontal disease.

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