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Amanda’s Invisalign Journey Update

Amanda’s Invisalign Journey Week 19 Aligner 10 Week 1


Amanda is now well over the halfway point on her Invisalign journey and is still incredibly excited to see and feel the changes that are now becoming visible to achieve her perfect smile.

Wearing her aligners has become an easy part of everyday life now and in fact, it feels odder to not have them in.

It has been so lovely for our patients to speak directly to Amanda who can answer any queries they may have either during their own journey or just enquiring. It is always good to speak to someone who has firsthand experience of treatment.

Amanda is still our resident ‘Super Star Celebrity’ at the practice and we all cannot wait to see her final results and showcase these to you all.

Amanda’s Top Tip: We are now stocking a new product to keep aligners in tip-top condition and stain-free, Amanda highly recommends this product and is happy to answer any queries you may have, it keeps her aligners looking brand new for the whole two weeks she wears them!

Remember we are always here to answer any questions relating to any dental queries you may have so do not hesitate to contact us.

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Warmest regards always,