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🌟 Smile, Sparkle, Shine 🌟

Did you know, here at Dental Studio, we have four amazing dental hygienists, Emma, Laura, Josie and Helen, who are not just maintaining your oral health needs but are also putting the sparkle back into your smiles! 😁✨ Our dream team are dedicated to delivering the very best in oral care and education.

🦷 Why see a Dental Hygienist at Dental Studio?

✅ Expert Care: Our hygienists are the maestros of oral health, ensuring your smile shines bright and healthy!

✅ Personalised Education: It’s not just about the clean; it’s about the know-how! Our hygienists provide personalised education, so you leave not just with a dazzling smile but will be armed with oral health wisdom!

✅ Latest Innovations: We don’t just keep up; we lead! We also offer GBT – Guided Biofilm Therapy, championed by our very own Emma who isn’t just a dental hygienist; she’s a pioneer in Guided Biofilm Therapy! 🌈✨ With Emma, your teeth are in for a treat – the latest and greatest in dental care.

💬 Why Choose GBT?

GBT takes oral health care to a whole new level! It’s not just a clean – it’s a spa day for your teeth. Precision, innovation, and care all rolled into one amazing experience.

Ready for a smile makeover? Book your appointment today and experience the magic of our dental hygienists and the brilliance of GBT. Your smile deserves the best, and at Dental Studio, we deliver nothing less!

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🌟✨ Exciting News at Dental Studio!

Meet Our Newest Team Member, Stacey – Our Compliance Manager Extraordinaire! ✨🌟

🦷 Stacey brings a wealth of knowledge and a dash of sparkle that will undoubtedly elevate our team dynamics!

Having previously worked side by side with Dr. Neresh Behari and Dr. Usha Ramjas over 20 years ago, Stacey is no stranger to our Dental Studio family. It’s an absolute joy to welcome her back on board, and we’re ready to soar to new heights together! 🚀💙

Stacey’s role as our Compliance Manager ensures that our practice compliance is nothing short of top-notch. She’s here to keep us shining bright and aligning with the highest standards in the dental field. 🌟✨

Let’s give Stacey a warm Dental Studio welcome! 🎉💙