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Amanda is nearly there!

Amanda, as you all know is our very own ‘celebrity’ has now reached week 26 and wearing aligner tray 13 of her Invisalign Journey.

You can really see the difference with the changes which are quite significant, I am sure you will agree.

Amanda says she receives so many lovely comments from her family and friends which boosts her confidence no end. The difference is really evident now in photos too.  The changes have greatly helped with managing her oral health care too, flossing and using ID brushes are also so much easier to manage, which is another great aspect of having Invisalign treatment.

Amandas’ review appointment for the ‘Debond’ treatment is due in May, so just six weeks away from finishing her Invisalign journey. We cannot wait to see the final results and celebrate her journey as a team.

We have included a before photo (Amanda apologizes but it is a natural funny photo and a good shot!)


and the most recent photo of Amanda (and the cute Toby).


All we can say is WOW and we have not even finished yet.

As always, Amanda and the whole team are here to answer any of your questions in regards to Invisalign you may have,  do come and visit us to try out our Invisalign Patient Zone and see for yourself what a difference Invisalign could make for you.

You will always receive a warm welcome at Dental Studio so do not hesitate to call us to find out more or book an appointment.

Celebrating Dr Usha Ramjas and our Invisalign Patient Zone

We would like to announce that our very own Dr Usha Ramjas has recently been awarded ‘Diamond Apex Status’ by Invisalign. We, as a team are incredibly proud and Usha has now reached the highest status in this field, that can be achieved. Usha belongs to a very select group of dentists, now in the top 1% of providers in Europe who have demonstrated their expertise in align therapy which is so important for patients when choosing this type of treatment, to be sure they receive treatment from an expert in their field.

We will also be hosting a few  ‘Smile Day Events’ this year and making good use of our new ‘Invisalign Patient Zone’ so do follow us on our Instagram and Facebook accounts for updates.

We will be the first practice in Hampshire to introduce this patient interactive zone so you can understand our excitement. We have such a passion for supporting our patients to achieve the smile of their dreams and this feature will go a long way to enable patients to actually visualise their dream in the first instance.

Remember our team of dedicated dental professionals are available to answer any questions you may have relating to:

  • Improving or Enhancing your smile
  • Invisalign – Clear brace system
  • Implants – Including ‘Teeth in a day’ cases
  • Composite bonding
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Oral Health Maintenance and care
  • Skin rejuvenation

You would always receive the warmest welcome from us, so please ensure you call our reception team to find out more about any treatment or reserve your future visit.

Warmest regards,

Barbara (Always beavering away quietly in the office) and the Dental Studio Team


National Dentist’s Day – Team Appreciation

To celebrate International Dentist Day on Sunday 6th March, we would like to appreciate every member of our amazing team, led by our very special Dr Usha Ramjas & Dr Neresh Behari. Each and every one of them contributes something unique and amazing to us as a whole!

The last couple of years has been incredibly tough and challenging for us all worldwide.  The impact on our industry has been significant, some have lost their business, their jobs, some could not take the pressure anymore and even changed their career path, we have had to embrace numerous changes and restrictions, however, from the start of the pandemic our team mission was to shield our patients as far as possible from the behind the scene issues and aim to work together to continue to provide our highest standard of care, create beautiful smiles and a wide range of services to our patients. We could not have done this without our full team committing to this and standing by our side.

There have been so many challenges and changes to face but together we have embraced it all, talked it through, sometimes cried (we are human) but mostly we have uplifted each other daily and laughed our way through and now we are coming out the other side, with so many exciting things and developments to look forward too. This team is literally outstanding and I for one could not be prouder to work by their side.

To our amazing team, colleagues in the industry, laboratory teams, suppliers, agency teams, support staff, and our understanding, supportive, loyal patients who genuinely become friends,  this day is for all of us. We thank you and appreciate each and every one of you for everything. ❤️

Warmest regards,

Barbara ~ Business Manager to a team of absolute stars