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Sarahs’ Invisalign Journey – Part 1

I have been a dental nurse for 30 years and worked for Dental Studio for 2 ½  years.

Seeing the amazing patient journeys our patients go through when having their Invisalign treatment with our fabulous Dr Usha Ramjas inspired me to undertake my own journey which I want to share with you all so you can hear first hand how it feels and see the changes that will be made along the way….

My front teeth are tilted back so whenever I saw photo’s of myself , to me my front teeth always looked dark due to the way the light hit them in the photo. I hated photos and would try not to show my teeth when smiling. This really knocked my confidence. So, a few years ago I went to see an specialist orthodontist.  When I heard that I would need to have my jaw broken and wired for a long period of time, I just could not face that sort of treatment, even with my experience as a nurse. So I left it and considered veneers, however since working with Dental Studio and being part of so many patients Invisalign journey with Usha I could see their start and end results. Whilst I was so happy to see their end results, I was also envious of our patients when they finished treatment as their teeth and smiles were fantastic. So I took the plunge……

I started my own journey with Invisalign in June, I have to say I am already quite a way through. The process to straighten my teeth should take approx. only 4-5 months, although in some cases this can be as quick as 3 months.

I can already see such a difference so I am sharing this with you all!

The invisible brace are comfortable to wear, I did have to get used to the feeling at the start but this only took a couple of days. I wear the aligners for 22 hours a day but no one has even noticed, not even my family!

Honestly,  I am so excited to see my end results so I can share this with you all. If you would like to talk to me personally or indeed any of my colleagues,  for any further information, we are always here and will be more than happy to meet with you for a complementary consultation! Just give us a call.

With best regards


Sarah (Dental Nurse) 

My journey starts!

Wearing my clear Invisalign aligner!

Our recent win at the Dental Awards 2013 – Press Release

Heres the press release for our recent win at Dental Awards 2013 –

 A Waterlooville dental practice is celebrating after it was shortlisted in 3 categories at the prestigious Dental Awards 2013, before going on to win in the category of Dental Nurse of the Year.

Hayley Buckwell, Head Dental Nurse at The Dental Studio in St George’s Walk, secured the top spot in the competitive category at last week’s Dental Awards 2013 which were held at the Lancaster Hotel in London.

“I am delighted to have won Dental Nurse of the Year, especially at such a high profile national awards ceremony. Working at The Dental Studio is extremely rewarding thanks to fantastic patients and an amazing team, and I wouldn’t have won this award without them,” said Hayley.

Dr Behari runs The Dental Studio with his wife Dr Usha Ramjas, with surgeries in both Waterlooville and Chichester. The practice offers a wide range of cosmetic treatments as well as providing general dentistry.

Both Dr Behari and his wife, regularly attend cosmetic dentistry courses in the UK and the US, and constantly strive to learn and perfect the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques. They are both members of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentists (BACD) and American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists (AACD) and are only a handful of dentists in the UK who have completed world renowned Spear Institute curriculum in Scotsdale, Arizona, USA.

Dr Behari said, “We had an incredible night at the Dental Awards and I’m proud to say that we are amongst the best!”

“Every member of our team put 110% in and it’s great that our hard work and passion for what we do has been rewarded,” he added.