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Teeth Whitening from the patient’s perspective – Part 1

Thinking of having teeth whitening but not sure it’s the right treatment for you?

Check out our latest blog – this is written by a recent patient of Dental Studio about her experience having tooth whitening treatment…

Part 1 – making the decision!!!

“Do I, don’t I… I do!

My teeth whitening journey from ‘no, I can’t’ to no looking back

Since my teens (I’m now 36 and 3/4) I’ve hankered after whiter teeth and poring over the perfect models on the pages of ELLE, Looks and Top Model magazine made my desire to have a whiter brighter smile even stronger.

So I decided to take action which entailed ‘borrowing’ smoker’s tooth powder from my stepdad and buying the latest whitening gimmicks from the chemist such as wands and gels. Yes, I tried it all but with no joy. And looking back, my teeth really weren’t discoloured as I didn’t smoke, never drank red wine and hardly ever had tea and coffee. But still, the desired remained.

Fast forward 20 years or so and I find myself in the throes of planning a winter wedding. As you’d expect, my thoughts frequently turned to my hair, make-up, dress… and then my teeth.

A friend had just had her teeth whitened at The Dental Studio and I was fascinated – and also quite tempted. Her newly gleaming smile looked great and she was bursting with confidence.

I was sorely tempted and so I deliberated. I couldn’t have it done though, not with everything else we had to pay out for the wedding. What if our guests end up talking to my teeth because they didn’t look natural? And I want to look like me on our big day, not a whitened version.

However having evenly coloured teeth when I say ‘I do’ would be wonderful. Is it really any different to having my hair highlighted? And let’s face it, I’ll never have a better reason or time in my life than getting married to justify it.

I’d deliberated (for decades) and I’d finally made a decision. So I called The Dental Studio, booked a consultation and eagerly and excitedly awaited my smile transformation.”

Part 2 coming soon!!

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A White Wedding…

Last week saw the practice participate in a wedding fair at the Portsmouth Guildhall. We went armed with photos, testimonials, leaflets and some obligatory freebies in the shape of tubes of toothpaste, ready to talk to some soon to be brides and grooms about how we can help them to improve their smile for their big day!

What we were excited to see was that it wasn’t just the two leads that wanted to whiten or straighten; it was all members of the bridal party that wanted to look dazzling in the wedding photos.

Whitening and brightening was the order of the day, due to its ease and speed, and the dramatic difference that even just a few days of whitening can create.

At home whitening is an easy to use process; custom made trays are created that fit to each patient’s teeth, and a small amount of gel is placed into the tray which is then fitted around the teeth.

The advantages to this system are that it gives the patient the freedom of when to whiten, during the day or at night, it can fit around your schedule. You are in control as to how white you want to go – whitening has been found to improve the colours of the teeth by up to 13 shades.

 One thing for all to remember…whitening won’t affect the shade of any existing fillings or prosthetics – your crowns and veneers will stay the same shade!

 Good luck to all the brides and grooms that we met this weekend! We hope to see some of you soon!

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