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Meet Dr Usha Ramjas

Introducing: Dr Usha Ramjas BDS University of Witwatersrand 1995 GDC: 71183

Dr Usha Ramjas is one of the practice owners of Dental Studio. Graduating in 1995 in South Africa before moving to the UK.

Usha is an ELITE APEX Invisalign provider, which means that she is one of the highest achieving, leading Invisalign providers within Europe.

Not only is Dr Ramjas highly experienced, she also prides herself on creating beautiful, healthy smiles that help patients to look and feel great.

Dr Ramjas is extremely passionate about utilising minimally invasive techniques, which is where her love for the Invisalign system comes from. Dr Ramjas is known for finishing her cases to a very high standard, she will work closely with her patients to match their expectations and always go the extra mile to ensure that her patients achieve the result they are seeking. She will frequently carry out whitening, composite bonding or veneers, if necessary, after the Invisalign treatment to perfect the final result. 

She believes in comprehensive care and has a holistic approach when dealing with her patients, so that all her patients’ needs are met. Dr Ramjas offers her patients the very latest, cutting-edge technology. Patients attending for Invisalign treatment will be scanned using an iTero digital scanner instead of having old fashioned impressions, this is not only more comfortable for our patients but greatly improves accuracy.

In addition, patients will be able to start their Invisalign journeys in a newly fitted Invisalign Zone. Dental Studio are extremely proud to showcase the very first Invisalign Zone within Hampshire.

In her own words: ‘There is nothing more rewarding and exciting than helping my patients to recover and improve their smiles’.

Usha loves to spend time with her family and enjoys, yoga, travelling and cooking.

Please give our lovely reception team a call to book an appointment with Dr Ramjas or find out more on how we can enhance your smile.

A white wedding – Part 4

My teeth whitening journey from ‘no, I can’t’ to no looking back

Some decisions we make and never regret. For me, it was saying ‘yes’ when my now-husband proposed.

Deciding to have my teeth whitened was another. Admittedly it wasn’t an immediate ‘yes’, unlike my instant and resolute response to my true love’s request. It was a decision which took a while to make but once I’d decided, I never looked back.

Our wedding day was drawing near and for almost three weeks, I’d been wearing my bespoke trays with whitening gel every night. I knew an amazing transformation was taking place and when I saw Neresh and Hayley for a check up towards the end of the process, this was confirmed.

I was asked to hold up a chart, which shows the varying shades of tooth discolouration, next to my teeth – just as I did during my initial consultation. It was wonderful when Neresh confirmed that my teeth had lightened by 12 shades – a remarkable result!

The beauty of ‘at home whitening’ is that you can control how white your teeth become. The fear that my teeth wouldn’t look natural was unrealised as I received compliments on ‘looking well’ rather than being asked ‘have you had your teeth whitened?’ My aim had been achieved.

As well as making my teeth look brighter, whiter and cleaner, the process seemed to give my entire face a boost; my lips appeared to have more colour, my skin tone looked healthier and the whites of my eyes seemed brighter. Just what you want before you walk down the aisle!

And so the big day arrived. I awoke to dazzling winter sunshine and the knowledge that today I’d become a ‘Mrs’. All eyes were on me; I felt a million dollars and I didn’t stop smiling a confident smile which came from the inside out. It was a day I’ll never forget and a white wedding in more ways than one.

Let the transformation begin…

My teeth whitening journey from ‘no, I can’t’ to no looking back

The wait was over. Whiter teeth were now within reach – in fact, the answer was in my hands.

I left the Dental Studio holding a classy black bag which might have lead an onlooker to conclude that I’d indulged in a dose of retail therapy.

The classy bag did not contain a designer dress. Even better, within it sat a sassy zip-up black case packed with everything I needed to get my teeth whiter, brighter and shiny, just in time for walking down the aisle.

Hayley explained how the home whitening system worked and was great at outlining the dos and don’ts. It’s simple, straightforward and safe – what’s not to like?

The cool black case, which was to be kept in the fridge, was filled with 12 syringes containing whitening gel. With a syringe in hand, I went upstairs to notch up another experience in my dental whitening belt.

With the smoker’s tooth powder and whitening wand experiences of my past becoming dim distant memories, I embraced this latest bid to get whiter teeth wholeheartedly and with confidence. This time, I knew it would work.

I took the custom-made trays out of the case and squeezed small ‘dots’ of gel into each tooth-shaped mould. And if you’re picturing rugby player’s gum shields, all chunky and bulky, you’re way off course; these trays are thin, lightweight and flexible.

Putting them in soon became part of my pre-bed routine, along with rinsing my contact lenses and applying night cream, and it didn’t take long to get used to sleeping with the trays.

The whitening process is pain-free but some days my teeth were sensitive. It was no surprise though – Neresh and Hayley had told me there may be increased sensitivity. So I simply avoided cold food and drinks, and focused on the fresh smile that was in the making.


Part 2 – A complete consultation


My teeth whitening journey from ‘no, I can’t’ to no looking back

Having decided to say ‘I do’ to teeth whitening in readiness for my winter wedding, it was time to attend my initial consultation at The Dental Studio in Waterlooville to determine whether I was suitable for home whitening 

When I arrived, the warm welcome I received from Neresh and Hayley set the scene for what was to follow; the most thorough and informative dental examination I’ve ever experienced.

Neresh spent time finding out about me and what I wanted, and then briefly explained the purpose of the consultation and what it would entail.

Firstly, my teeth were photographed and X-rayed from various angles. Within seconds the images – which were both slightly unnerving and utterly fascinating – were displayed on the large wall-mounted screen in front of me.

Neresh pointed out which teeth were strong, where enamel was thinning and which fillings were getting old. I was also photographed holding a chart, which depicts the various shades of tooth discolouration, next to my teeth. This meant the colour of my teeth could be compared pre- and post-whitening.

Throughout the consultation Neresh checked everything made sense, that I understood and was happy. It was a ‘yes’ hat-trick from me!

As my mouth MOT came to a close, Neresh delivered the good news; I was suitable for teeth whitening. A mould of my teeth was then taken so the custom-fit trays which hold the whitening gel could be created; this was quick, easy and straightforward.

I had just a week to wait before my bespoke trays were ready for collection and after my incredibly informative and enlightening consultation, I was starting to see my teeth in a whole new light – and looking forward to them becoming white.

Where will you be in 6 months?

Today has been officially named “Blue Monday” by those in the press and on social media (you can’t move for twitter posts and facebook statuses!!) with its reputation as the most depressing day of the year reaching far and wide!

So on this supposedly disheartening day, Dental Studio has been thinking ahead 6 months to summer! We are dreaming of blue skies, bright evenings, warm breezes and summer holidays!

However, alot can happen in 6 months!  The next 26 weeks are going to fly by in a flash!

So what can YOU achieve in the next 6 months?

Six Month Smiles is just that – a new smile in just six months! This is a revolutionary teeth straightening procedure that is almost invisible to wear, using tooth coloured brackets and wire, which can radically change the position of the teeth, closing any gaps, and giving you a beautiful even smile. And all this in just 182 days!

The process is easy, after your first consultation to check that this is a suitable treatment for you, we take some impressions and send them to the Six Month Smiles labs in America. They will then custom make the brackets and wires so that they fit to the exact shape of your teeth. We will then fit these brackets and the wire to your teeth. After this, you will come in for a review and adjustment appointment every couple of weeks where we can check how the movement is going!

When the teeth have moved to the new straighter position, the brackets come off and ta-dah! Your beautiful straight smile in around 6 months!

So just think, are you ready for that perfect smile to arrive just in time for summer?

Dental Studio are offering a free Oral B electric toothbrush for all patients undertaking Six Month Smiles treatments.

If you would like more information, or would like to see if you are suitable for the treatment, then give us a call

Waterlooville – 02392 254234

Chichester – 01243 532992

 6MSmile reco provider

New Year, New You?

It’s that time of year again, time for us to choose a new challenge to commit to for 365 days, be it starting something new or quitting an old habit.

Studies have found that around 50% of the country will make some form of resolution for the New Year with “losing weight” being the most popular choice. However, success rates are low, with around 88% of people not completing their goal.

To achieve success, studies have found that smaller is better and what is easier than popping in for an oral health screening? This is a quick and easy way of taking control of your health, the starting point of your overall health MOT.

A check up allows us to examine all the teeth and tissues of the mouth, checking for any underlying issues as well as perform an oral cancer screen and check that the muscles and joints are performing as they should be.

So let’s not be in that 88% that fail to meet their goal, and make this the year that you take control of your oral health – here’s to sparkling smiles in 2014!

Dental Studio’s Review of 2013!

This week sees Dental Studio getting into the festive mood, the decorations are up, and Michael Buble is on constant rotation on the CD player!

But at this time of year, and with 2014 only 11 days away, we have found ourselves reflecting on the year we have had here at the two practices.

Some things that we are thankful for in 2013? A year of fantastic patients, both existing and new, and many of these having smile transforming makeovers, which we have been privileged enough to have been trusted to create.  These have provided us with our inspiration and are carrying us into the New Year with enthusiasm!

At the beginning of the year we had a great night at the Dental Awards, being shortlisted for Best Dentist for Neresh, Best Team, Best Nurse (for Annette) and winning the Best Nurse Category – well done Hayley!

We have had a year of staff changes, with Amy and Gemma joining the practice, Sacha returning to the practice and Kelley moving up to deputy manager at Chichester, a role in which she is relishing!

And so, what changes are we making for next year? This is a question that we tackled in our recent training, both our personal and professional goals, what is in store for the practice in 2014? One idea that we are focusing on is to give back to the local community, so we will be picking a charity that we can fundraise for over the next 12 months and beyond.

 The Dental Awards have almost come around again, and we aim to improve on last year’s performance!

2014, as with every year, will focus our attentions on ensuring we provide to each and every patient, a total commitment to excellence in dentistry.  

And lastly, being part of each patient’s journey to renewed confidence and a beautiful smile? Definitely the part we are most looking forward to!

Here’s wishing all of our valued patients a merry Christmas and a happy new year from all the team at Dental Studio Waterlooville and Chichester!

November is Mouth Cancer Awareness Month!

November sees the practice promoting Mouth Cancer Awareness Month, with the focus being that regular checks by the dentist and hygienist can catch the disease earlier. We perform a mouth cancer check at every appointment.

The importance of these regular oral cancer checks is highlighted by a recent study that found the number of patients diagnosed with the disease is on the increase, by around 50% since the year 2000. The British Dental Health Foundation, the organisation raising awareness of the disease have found that there were over 7500 new cases of the disease in 2011. However, if caught early enough, the chances of survival could be as high as 90%. Another good reason for regular screening at your dental checks!

Oral cancer is caused by a number of factors including smoking, excessive drinking and poor diet, as well as the presence of HPV or the Human Papilloma Virus.

The advice we give to patients is to have regular checks of the tissues in the mouth at your dental appointments and if in doubt, get it checked out! Ulcers that won’t go away, any patches – red or white – lumps or bumps, come in and let us take a look. Remember – early detection is key!

A link between oral health and Alzheimer’s?

A thought provoking article created abit of a stir at Dental Studio recently, both in the practice and on Twitter and Facebook – is there a link between poor oral health and susceptibility to Alzheimer’s?

Gingivitis is a common occurrence, with figures estimating that almost half of the worldwide population have suffered with some form of gingivitis at some point in their life.

What is gingivitis?

Gingivitis occurs where there is a build up of dental plaque. The bacteria present in this plaque can irritate the gums, causing them to become red and inflamed with bleeding on brushing.

Gingivitis can be put right by good oral health – brushing with a toothbrush and toothpaste, cleaning between the teeth with floss or small brushes, and regular hygienist visits can help to remove this plaque build up, getting the teeth back to their pale pink perfection.

However, where the plaque isn’t removed, and the gingivitis left to worsen, the implications become more serious. Gum disease affects 10-15% of the population, and can eventually cause bone loss – meaning that the supporting structure holding the teeth is lost and tooth loss can occur – a problem that becomes alot harder to solve, as well as other issues including pain, bad breath and sensitivity.

 What has really caused some interest is a recent study from the UK, concerning the possibility that bad oral hygiene and the presence of gum disease could contribute towards the deterioration found in the brains of those patients suffering from Alzheimer’s.

 Gum disease has already been found to contribute to the onset of poor health such as heart disease and diabetes.

In this case, the bacteria that is present in the gum disease have been found in the brains of patients suffering with dementia.

Although these finding are in the early stages of the research, it could be an opportune moment for us all to re-focus on our oral health, and the advantages of regular appointments with the dentists and hygienists could help to protect in the future.

If today is the day to make the change, and be proactive to protect your oral health, then give us a call. Recent rule changes means that it is no longer necessary to see the dentist before you can see the hygienist, so book in today!

A White Wedding…

Last week saw the practice participate in a wedding fair at the Portsmouth Guildhall. We went armed with photos, testimonials, leaflets and some obligatory freebies in the shape of tubes of toothpaste, ready to talk to some soon to be brides and grooms about how we can help them to improve their smile for their big day!

What we were excited to see was that it wasn’t just the two leads that wanted to whiten or straighten; it was all members of the bridal party that wanted to look dazzling in the wedding photos.

Whitening and brightening was the order of the day, due to its ease and speed, and the dramatic difference that even just a few days of whitening can create.

At home whitening is an easy to use process; custom made trays are created that fit to each patient’s teeth, and a small amount of gel is placed into the tray which is then fitted around the teeth.

The advantages to this system are that it gives the patient the freedom of when to whiten, during the day or at night, it can fit around your schedule. You are in control as to how white you want to go – whitening has been found to improve the colours of the teeth by up to 13 shades.

 One thing for all to remember…whitening won’t affect the shade of any existing fillings or prosthetics – your crowns and veneers will stay the same shade!

 Good luck to all the brides and grooms that we met this weekend! We hope to see some of you soon!

Dental Studio have various wedding packages catering for all the wedding party – give us a call for more information

Waterlooville – 02392 254234

Chichester – 01243 532992